Best drift cars in the Car Parking Multiplayer 2024

Are you playing a multiplayer match and wishing to move quickly from the narrow roads? Then select the best drift car in the CPM MOD APK. Here, we will show you the list of best drift cars in the Car Parking Multiplayer.

Drifting plays an important role in your gameplay, and it can be helpful for you to win the race. It is loved by the keen players of CPM, who want to move at constant high speed without slowing the speed of their vehicle.

Car Parking Multiplayer also provides many other tools to help simulate driving and immerse users in the action. The steering wheel-shaped icon controls the direction of the car, and the pedals on the right side of the screen regulate its speed.

best drift cars in the car parking Multiplayer

List of best drift Cars in the Car Parking Multiplayer

Nissan GTR-32

Nissan GTR-32, a legendary sport car is the favorite drifting car of all CPM drifters. Its power and controls enhance your drifting art and boost your fun.

Nissan Silvia S15

Nissan Silvia S15 is one of the well-rounded drifting cars in CPM. Its sleek design, easy handling, and high performance make it unique among others.

Ford Hoonitruck

Drift cars in Car Parking Multiplayer

Drifters who want different types of drifting must choose the Ford Hoonitruck. The drifters love its unmatched flexibility, dominant engine, and outstanding design. With its wide body and great decals, it has a distinctive and aggressive appearance, but it also has a lot of power and can perform some amazing drifts.

Hoonicorn Mustang

Another car, the Hoonicorn Mustang, is the best choice for drifting enthusiasts. Its unique style, handling, and next-level drifting capabilities make it a favorite among those who want to make stunts and slides. 

Nissan Silvia S13

best drift car in car parking nmultiplayer

The Nissan Silvia S13 is considered the best car for drifting. Its easy controls, high potential engine, and weight make drifting easy for drifters. The Nissan Silvia S13 has been praised for having outstanding drifting capabilities. It’s a timeless option that keeps drift devotees enthralled.


BMW is considered the best car for drifters because of its handling, rear-driving system, and best drifting skills. There is no doubt that it is a fun option for drifters who wish to explore the limits of precision drifting despite its unique characteristics.


With immense power, the best controls, and all-driving wheels, a well-balanced car BMW E92 is the best drifting car for avid players of Car Parking Multiplayer. Its power, precision, and handling make it a matchless choice for drifters.

BMW M4 G82

BMW is a modern car with high-performance skills, rare driving wheels, and a powerful engine with the best drifting capabilities. Its glossy design makes it bulge out from other cars in CPM.

Nissan 180SX

Nissan 180SX is loved by drifters for its lightweight, tunning options, controls, and rare weel system. Its classy look makes it the favorite and well-rounded drift car of CPM legends.

Lamborghini SVJ  

lamborghini svj drift car in CPM

The Lamborghini SVJ is the best drifting car in CPM, offering the best handling, all-driving wheels, and best acceleration. It is a strong challenger thanks to its powerful engine, accurate steering, and rear-wheel drive setup.

Best drifting cars for beginners 

  • Dodge Charger RT
  • Tofas
  • Chrysler 300SRT8
  • Honda S2000
  • Mazda RX8
  • Lada Vaz 2107
  • 2000 GTR Skyline
  • BMW 135i
  • Toyota Supra MK4
  • Mercedes-Benz 190e

10 types of drifters in CPM

  1. Reverse drifters
  2. Professional drifters
  3. Stance drifters
  4. Rally drifters
  5. 360 drifters
  6. Noob drifters
  7. Drift mode users
  8. Rusian drifters
  9. Tandem drifters
  10. Pickup truck drifters

How to Drift Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Do you want to drift car in car parking Multiplayer? If you want, then scroll down the article, and you’ll find your desired results.

  • First of all, you need a drift car.

Properties for a car to drift car in Car Parking Multiplayer

  • Hp: 926 0r above
  • Torque: 1804 or above
  • Tire: Turning
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Brakes: 1500
  • C.d: 0.34
  • Turbo: yes
  • Mileage: 140K.M
  • Shift time:0.1s
  • The selected car must be tuned to the end.
  • Make the right suspension setting and cog.
  • You need a gearbox and turning tires.
  • Reduce the tire to 0%.

How to reduce tire to 0%

  •  bring your car to the wall, press the gas, apply gear 2, and keep maps together for 4-5 minutes.
  • When it gets down to 0%, your car is ready to drift.
Drift Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Recommended settings for drift car in CPM

  • Go to control and select the arrow.
  • Go to UI, select dark buttons, KPH, and Analog clutch. 
  • Select maximum sensitivity for buttons and steering.
  • If you’re selecting “wheel”, put the steering sensitivity to zero.
  • For “Tilt”, put the steering sensitivity medium.
  • Go to interface and just select automatically.
  • We wish you a pleasant drifting.

How to use your controls while drifting Multiplayer car parking

  • Select the open area for drifting your car.
  • For this setup, use gear 2 for drifting.
  • In the absence of ABS, your car will restricted from moving in a straight line
  • The handbrake will increase the angle of the car’s turn as it is pressed.
  • It is important to practice and become familiar with their controls in a wide area before moving on to bigger challenges.
  • If you want to drift your car for long then use higher gears.
  • To adjust and straighten the angles, use foot brakes. 

Top tricks to get better at drifting in CPM

  • Use foot brakes if you are turning at a small angle.
  • Use hand brakes if you are turning at a large angle.
  • Use turning tires because these tires are much smoother.
  • Unselect all settings except AWD and Automatic.


Car Parking Multiplayer offers its players a thrilling and engaging gaming experience by offering them a series of fastest cars, expensive cars, and drifting cars. Each car has a unique style, body, drifting capabilities, handling, and a powerful engine. You can opt for one of them which you love and boost your gaming fun.


which type of drifters is best in CPM MOD APK?

I categorize no 1: professional drifters and 2: Reverse drifters, but it is all based on your choice.

Which wheels are best for drifting in the Car Parking Multiplayer?

If you want easy drifting, use Arrow, if you want fast drifting, use the wheel.  

Is high HP essential for drifting?

No, high HP is not necessary for drifting.

What qualities must a drifting car hold for the best drift race?

Drift cars must have a powerful engine, easy and strong handling, exceptional tires, and accurate steering.

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