How you sell cars in car parking multiplayer

Do you want to sell cars in Car Parking Multiplayer and don’t know how it happens? If you agree, then welcome! Here, We are discussing a detailed method and benefits of selling cars within the game.

Car Parking Multilayer is a game that surprises the players through its different features. As you unlock the game levels, you can collect several fastest cars, which you can sell to collect coins and purchase new ones from around 146 cars.  Each car in CPM has distinctive and high-quality features.

sell cars in car parking multiplayer

 Sell cars in Car Parking Multiplayer(benefits)  

You can sell your car to purchase a new one, customize a new vehicle, or for other in-game items. Some common benefits are listed below.

For getting a new car

If you’re bored with your old car, sell it, get coins, and purchase a new upgraded, fastest car. This will enhance your interest in the game, and you’ll play more eagerly and boost yourself with the latest fun.

To improve knowledge and experience

When you sell your car with other players, you’ll get to know more about the style, color, use of color codes, type of vehicle, upgraded features, and model of cars. It’ll also be helpful for you to enhance your abilities, which help you in real-life dealings.

Reduce clutter

As you play, your garage will fill up with cars to the point where there’ll be no storage space for any more cars. For this, you’ve to sell your cars to declutter the garage. Now you can systematically arrange your cars.

The complete process of selling cars in car parking Multiplayer 

sell cars in cpm
  • Open the game and make sure your internet connection is stable.
  • Now, visit your garage, which is located at the bottom of the main page. 
  • From your car collection, select a car you want to sell.
  • Click on the “sell” button from your menu list. This will direct the game to check the car’s performance, type, and condition and calculate the price.
  • Confirm your sale of the car, in case you’re satisfied with the selling price. Otherwise, select Keep Car.
  • Once your confirmation has been completed, coins will added to your account.

Sell your car on other platforms

Sell your car on different other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Facebook groups

Car Parking Multilayer buy and sell  

Car Parking Multiplayer [global]

Tips for selling a car

Attend events

Join the events and complete missions that will help you to earn more coins and even a new car.

Maintain the car

The price of your car in the CPM will be selected according to the condition and performance of the car. If you want to sell your car to earn a handsome amount, you must maintain it regularly.

Reasonable value

The price of cars varies according to the performance and trend of the car. So, sell rare cars and earn more coins.

Get rid of basic colors

Avoid using basic colors like blue, red, yellow, etc because these colors do not attract buyers. Use color combinations like chrome, gold, light grey, platinum, etc.

Customize cars in attractive designs

Buyers always prefer to buy a car with a beautiful design and color. Make sure you’ve paid all attention to make your car unique if you want to sell your car at good rates.

Use attractive wheels

While buying your car, the buyer may check the performance of the car, so fitment of wheels and suspension adjustment is crucial for your car.

Attractive and fine-fitted wheels may enhance your car’s appearance, and buyers may be ready to give a premium to you. 


Selling cars is an interesting feature in the CPM MOD APK game for learning skills to sell cars. You can learn how can you deal with other people while dealing and can increase the value of your car by customizing it. 


Can I sell my new car in CPM?

No, you can’t sell a new car. The car you select to sell must be 1 month older. 

How many coins can I get by selling my car?

The price of the car varies according to the look and performance of the car, you can get 1000+ coins for each sale. 

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