Car Parking Multiplayer Vs Parking Master Multiplayer 2 2024

Here, we’ve compared two parking simulation games car Parking Multiplayer vs Parking Master Multiplayer 2 that have come with a storm of new features and are blasting all the ratings records. You’ll get a chance to have an immersive game experience, challenge other players, and show off your skills.

car Parking Multiplayer vs Parking Master Multiplayer 2

Comparison of features of  Car Parking Multiplayer Vs Parking Master Multiplayer 2

Character relocation

Character movement in the Car Parking Multiplayer is realistic and smooth in comparison to the Parking Master Multiplayer, which has failed in this aspect.

Vehicle Variety

In Car Parking Multiplayer, new updates, there are around 148 vehicles, 138 out of 148 are cars, while others are trucks and vans, and all these vehicles are unlocked in CPM MOD APK.CPM also provides cars of different ages, like 90s, 80s, and 70s. While  Parking Master Multiplayer 2 comes with 111 modern and trendy vehicles, 109 out of 111 are cars, while 2 are vans.

Character customization

CPM comes with a lot of character customization features and tools, while PMM2 has fewer customization features.  

Car Models

Car Parking Multiplayer contains a balance between price and model designs and provides more precise models. While Parking Master Multiplayer 2 provides more stunning interiors and quality material. However, some cars need to be remodeled.

Car Customization

Both games have a variety of car customization features, but CPM is dominating in this aspect.


car customization in CPM


car customization in PMM2

Real collision

In addition to representing realistic car crashes, CPM accurately characterizes the damage occurring in crashes. In contrast, PMM2’s crash shows a lack of realism.

Realistic driving

PMM2 provides realistic driving as compared to CPM.

Audio sound

PMM2 provides decent sounds, but CPM is on top of providing the best engine and backfire sounds

Car physics

CPM has an arced-style car physics. Meanwhile, PMM2 has realistic car physics, providing you with stable driving at up-to-line speed.


In Car Parking Multiplayer, you can buy cars with the money that you’ve earned by playing levels of the game. 

Career mode

Parking Master Multiplayer is on the top by providing 2 career modes, while CPM provides only one career mode.

Drifting modes

CPM gives a better drifting experience than PMM2.

Graphic quality

PMM2 provides more realistic graphics and surpasses CPM in this regard.


CPM graphics

car parking vs parking master multiplayer 2

Graphics in PMM2

Game Modes

Both games provide outstanding modes but little differ from each other.

Emotions exposure

CPM allows you to express your feelings by dancing, in terms of engaging dance and movement emotes, CPM outperforms PMM2 in this regard.

Car sharing

CPM and PMM2 both provide the same type of levels, but one more stunning feature of CPM is car sharing. If you have a companion who can’t afford to buy fancy cars, you can let them use your car. 

Maps and environment

CPM is leading in providing its players with more eye-catching views, open-world environments, and maps.

User interface

The user interface of both games is clear and pleasant, providing immersive gameplay. 


Both the CPM and PMM2 are the best and most stunning games with their features. Every game has special qualities that appeal to the inclinations of various players. 

PMM2 offers better graphics, driving mechanics, and career modes, and CPM excels in character animations, car variety, and personalization. You’re free to select the game that suits your aptitude, and you enjoy it a lot. In my opinion, CPM is strong with its graphics, car models, and character movements.


Which game provides a better style of cars? 

In my opinion, CPM is best in this regard.

Which game is best, CPM or PMM2?

Each game has its uniqueness, it’s your choice to select which type of game fascinates you the most. In my opinion,  CPM is best.

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