Car Parking Multiplayer VS Car Parking Multiplayer2 2024

Overview of Car Parking Multiplayer VS Car Parking Multiplayer2 2024

Car Parking Multiplayer is one of the most popular parking simulation games, allowing players to unleash a dream world, scenarios, mountains, and locations. Comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer VS Car Parking Multiplayer2 will help you understand their differences and unique selling points.

CPM presents a range of cars for ardent to choose one of their dream cars and enjoy thrilling gameplay. Car Parking Multiplayer2 is a realistic parking game providing players with a range of cars, a user-friendly interface, and customization options.

CPM2 Presents you with super simple and complex parking levels, which you can play to boost your parking skills. You may also enjoy the mod versions of both games, Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK and Car Parking Multiplayer2 MOD APK

Car Parking Multiplayer vs Car Parking Multiplayer2

Cars Range in Car Parking Multiplayer VS Car Parking Multiplayer2

CPM provides you with around 150 cars. All cars showcase unique features,  distinct styles, and expanded interiors. You can enjoy different gaming experiences by selecting each car.

Over 56 cars are featured in the game, each with unique characteristics. Throughout the game, players can explore different driving styles and experience different types of cars. CPM is at the 1st number in the Cars range.

Customization Features

Car Parking Multiplayer allows you to showcase your abilities and taste by customizing your vehicle according to your choice.

CPM2 also gives a diverse range of customization features like changing color, giving a standard look, gearbox, boosting performance, etc.


Car tuning in CPM2

Car tuning in CPM vs CPM2

Car tuning in CPM2

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The graphics in Car Parking Multiplayer 2 are impressive and detailed, blurring the line between virtual and real.

CPM also provides immersive graphics, maps, and scenarios. Its immersive surroundings enhance your game’s thrill.

User interface

Although both games provide a user-friendly interface, CPM2 provides a more intuitive one that both beginners and experts understand.


Car Parking Multiplayer’s audio feature gives a feel of realism. Engine sounds captivate the player’s heart.

On the other hand, CPM2 gives high-quality and realistic engine sounds and decent horn sounds that add an extra layer of thrill during gameplay.

Car damage

CPM shows noticeable car damages during crashes and accidents. At the same time, CPM2 shows no damage and is unscathed during accidents. Your vehicle remains safe.

Game modes

CPM and CPM2 both come with unique styles, unmatched features, and modes. CPM comes with 6 modes taxi, delivery, racing, missions online, and offline mode. modes but CPM2 offers 5 modes free mode, checkpoint mod, parkour mode, stunts mode,  drifting mode, and break mode.

game modes in CPM2

Voice Chat

Both games allow you to interact with your friends and other players through voice chat or text messages. This unique feature makes the gameplay outstanding. 


Both the games are not stuck on just fun, but these are the best places to hone your parking skills and learn how to improve driving skills, which are profitable in real-life driving and parking.

Both games are superb in their aspects, but Car Parking Multiplayer gives extra features compared to Car Parking Multiplayer 2.


Which is best CPM or CPM2?

Both games have their unique and exclusive properties. In my views, CPM is best because of its greater choice of cars.

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