Best Gearbox in Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

A game developed by Olzhass studio in the last decade is the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK, which helps the car passionate people enjoy or learn many parking skills. Enormous modes, a realistic environment, glamorous views, and automatic features make the CPM more engaging and stunning forcing you to play it many times without getting bored.  Another benefit is you can select the best gearbox in car parking Multiplayer MOD APK for your car.

Best gearbox in Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

The choice of 100 cars allows you to select the best car according to your needs and desires, and all these cars are free for you in the Modded version of the Car Parking Multiplayer game.  You can select the best gearbox in car parking Multiplayer MOD APK for your car. You also find features to control and customize your car, using icons like steering wheel, arrow keys, or tilting device according to your ease and wish.

MOD APK car parking multiplayer is a smart game that allows you to reach your fun next level by performing enormous behaviors like clapping, hopping, waving, and much more. It is not uncommon for them to get out of the car and walk down the road before getting back in.

When you choose the single-play mode of CPM MOD APK, you’re unrestricted and can enjoy a drive anywhere you want and do whatever you like without interacting with other players.

Working of Gearbox in Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

In the car, the gearbox or transmission is a mechanical component used to convert power from the engine to the wheels by utilizing a set of gears, and the set of Gears can also change the car’s speed or torque. This mechanical transmission is hooked between the wheels and the engine, evolving many bearings, shafts, and gears.

Electronic selectors and levers can be used to control gearboxes, or the driver may choose the desired gear of his/her own choice. The gearbox is mainly designed to maintain the performance of the engine and to make changes in speed. 

While operating a car with a manual gearbox, the driver should change the gear using an electronic selector or lever. On the other hand, when a car has simultaneous transmission, electric sensors are used by the gearbox to adjust the speed load. 

Top Best Gearbox in Car Parking Multiplayer  MOD APK

Here we’re listing the best Gearbox in Car Parking Multiplayer.

  • Supra Gearbox
  • Koenigsegg Jesko
  • Mazda-RX-7 #47
  • Trueno is 86 #49
  • Nissan saliva
  • Nissan saliva #46
  • Nissan 180sx #48
  • Nissan GTR r34 #45
  • F-150 Hooni Truck

Supra Gearbox

supra gear box in CPM
  • Torque: 450MN(3000)
  • Horsepower:280hp(6800)
  • Tire: Touring
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Shift Time:0.5 S
  • Mileage: 127.5KM
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 1500
  • C.D: 0.31

Koenigsegg Jesko

  • Torque: 2254NM(3500)
  • Horsepower: 1695hp(7000)
  • Tire: Support
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Shift Time: 0.1S
  • Mileage: 10.1KM
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 3000
  • C.D: 0.33

Mazda-RX-7 #47 

  • Torque: 3000NM(4100)
  • Horse Power: 2000hp(8000)
  • Rear grip: 1.5
  • Front grip: 1.5
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Common 2 KHP Cars
  • Shift Time:1E-05 S
  • MILAGE: 1.4 K.m
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 1500
  •  CD:0.25

Trueno is 86 #49

  • Torque: 2899NM(7600)
  • Horse Power: 925hp(8000)
  • Rear grip: 1.5
  • Front grip: 1.5
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Over face Cars
  • Shift Time:1E.o.6 S
  • MILAGE: 76.7K.m
  • Turbo: No
  • Brake: 1500
  •  CD: 0.23

Nissan saliva

  • Torque: 3000 NM(3400)
  • Horse Power: 2000 hp(8000)
  • Rear grip: 3
  • Front grip:3 
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Unique 2 KHP Cars
  • Shift Time:1E.o.9 S
  • MILAGE: 5.1K.m
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 1500
  •  CD:0.28

Nissan saliva #46

  • Torque: 1804NM(3500)
  • Horse Power: 925hp(7000)
  • Rear grip: 1.5
  • Front grip:1.5
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • V12 pure tunned
  • Shift Time:0.1 S
  • MILAGE: 0.0K.m
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 1500
  •  CD: 0.27

Nissan 180sx #48

  • Torque: 225 NM(3500)
  • Horse Power: 1695hp(7000)
  • W16 pure tunned

Nissan GTR r34 #45

  • Torque: 
  • Horse Power: 925hp(7000)
  • Rear grip: 1
  • Front grip:1
  • Driving wheel: AWD
  • Shift Time:0.1 S
  • MILAGE: 48.8K.m
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Brake: 1500
  •  CD:0.34

F-150 Hooni Truck

Horsepower: 914hp

Torque: 702NM

Turbo:  Yes

Driving wheel: HD


This gearbox works in all vehicles, but speed can vary depending on the mass of the vehicle. Before you Drive, Put your car into 5th gear, and when you reach the speed, you’ve to put it automatically.


The gearbox is the critical component of a car used to transfer the power between the wheel and the engine and maintain the performance of the engine.

The list of best Gearboxes in the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK for iOS and Android discussed above helps you to select the best one and win the race by improving the speed performance of your car.

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