Color codes in Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK is a unique and fun-filled game that is not just absolute diving or parking but lets you show off your personality and design the car to your liking by using color codes in car parking Multiplayer.

If you wanna customize your car color, then stay connected with us. We gonna introduce you to the method of customizing the color of your car and codes for different colors and enlisting color codes in car parking Multiplayer.

CPM color codes

What are color codes in Car Parking Multiplayer?

Color codes are specific unique codes assigned to each color consisting of 3-6 characters or a combination of digits and letters. 

Why change the color of the car?

Some are the advantages of changing the color of a car in car parking Multiplayer.

  • By changing the color of your vehicle, you’ll be able to give a pertinent look to your vehicle.
  • The quality and worth of your car can be increased.
  • It’s possible for you to earn a reasonable amount when you sell your vehicle.
  • You also can change car color and can get a police car in the Car Parking Multiplayer.

Methods of changing Car color in CPM 

color codes for different colors in the game are either digits or a combination of  English alphabets and digits. When you enter a specific code, your car will change that color.

Change the color of your car by following the given guidelines.

  • From the game, visit your garage.
  • Select the car for which you feel that its color must be changed.
  • Tap to the “customize” button.
  • Enter the code of your favorite color.
  • Travel in your favorite color car.

Codes for different colors

In the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD game, different alphanumeric codes are used for different colors, and each letter in the code is assigned a specific color.

color codes in car parking Multiplayer

A list of different colors with codes is shown below

  • Black:# 000000
  • Red: #FF0000
  • Green:#00FF00
  • Yellow:# FFFF00
  • Blue:#0000FF
  • White:# FFFFFF
  • Grey11:# 1C1C1C
  • Grey21:# 363636
  • Grey31: #4F4F4F
  • Dimgray:#696969
  • Gray:# 808080
  • Darkgray:# A9A9A9
  • Silver:# C0C0C0
  • Lightgrey:# DCDCDC
  • SlateBlue1:# 836FFF
  • Slateblue:#6A5ACD
  • Slatebue3:# 6959CD
  • Darkslateblue:#483D8B
  • Medium sea green: #3CB371
  • Medium aquamarine: #66CDAA
  • Spring green: #00FF7F
  • Medium spring green: #00FA9A
  • Chartreuse: #7FFF00
  • Yellow-green: #9ACD32
  •  Golden rod: #DAA520
  • Light salmon: #FFA07A
  • Royal blue: #4169E1
  •  Dark blue: #00008B 
  •  Orange-red: #FF4500

Best ideas for customizing vehicle

Rainbow effect

Show off your creativity and design your vehicle in a fabulous rainbow effect. 

Classical appearance

Give a classy look to your vehicle by using sophisticated colors. Often used colors are white and black, use these colors and give a classical appearance to your vehicle.

Color contrast

Choose different colors at different parts of your vehicle. This will give your vehicle a classy and bold look.

Nature’s palette

Using earth shades like brown and green will give an impression of nature to your vehicle. For off-road cars, this is an unmatched look.

Futuristic look

To give a futuristic look to your vehicle, use metallic colors like silver

Covert mode

Choose a black, glossy, and sinister look for your vehicle, which is best for undercover agents and intruders.

Team spirit

Paint your vehicle in the color of your favorite country flag or team to show your emotions.

Final verdict

 Color codes in CPM provide you an opportunity to customize your vehicle according to your wish and make a distinctive look separate your vehicle from others. Whether you want to drive a unique vehicle or want to show off your classic style, the color codes help you to keep your vision alive.


 Why are color codes used in Car Parking Multiplayer instead of names?

 The name of the color may be the same for light or dark colors, but the code of color is unique for each color, so the color code will provide you with the exact color that you want.   

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