How to get a Police Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is known as a parking and driving simulation game with all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, tanks, trucks, and police cars. All the cars in CPM have next-level features, the best graphics, and a sleek and smooth appearance. Download Car Parking Multiplayer game by simply click the playstore icon given here.

An interesting feature of CPM is police mode, where you can get a police car in a Car Parking Multiplayer and act as a cop, catch the criminals, and punish them according to their crime. It can prove a big challenge for you to catch the criminals because they will try to escape. You can get the mod version of the Car Parking Multiplayer game to unlock premium features by clicking the following button.

How to get a police car in car parking multiplayer

There are different strategies in the Car Parking Multiplayer police mode. You can use sirens in your car and use the sirens while parking your car in the parking area, making convenient parking and HD pictures quality. You can also design your cars in CPM.

You’ll find all the police cars in CPM active, drive them without any fear of accident, use the siren, and park in realistic parking areas easily. You can design a police car in CPM and also get a free police car.

Requirements to get a police car in car parking multiplayer

  • Use a police siren.
  • Use police lights.

How to get  a police siren on your car for free

police sirens in CPM
  • Go to the Game Guardian.
  • Choose car parking Multiplayer.
  • Go to setting.
  • Select the memory ranges, and go to “xa: Codeapp(dangerous) [134MB]
  • Click on the save button.
  • Again jump to the search bar and write the code of the car that is already a police car i.e. 153.
  • The search type must be Dword.
  • Now, go to the new search, replace value 89 for the smart car, 
  • Repeat the process for value 19.
  • Close GG.
  •  Select any smart car and click on get.
  • You’ll see a police siren below, select the siren.
  • Restart the game. You’ll find a siren on your car.

Codes for other cars for getting siren

Civic X: 327

Supra MK4: 73

Honda Civic reborn: 311

Range Rover: 272

V8: 289

Revo: 340

R35: 20


Every time you select a new car to put the siren on, you’ve to write 153 before typing the code of the selected car.

police car lights in Car Parking Multiplayer

How to get police lights on your car in CPM

  • Select a car at which you want to set up police lights.
  • Go to GG, select memory ranges, and “xa: Codeapp(dangerous) [134MB]”.
  • Click on the save button.
  • Again, visit the search bar and write value 134.
  • Then go to new search, edit to 393.
  • Then click the yes button.
  • Then, exit GG and select a new car.
  • You’ll find the car with police lights.

How can you make a free police car in CPM

You can get a police car in car parking Multiplayer by following these instructions.

  • In CPM, visit the car section.
  • Put your selected car on vinyl.
  • Select style and font size and write down the word police on your car.
  • Design a police icon on the sides.
  • It’s optional for you to write down emergency numbers on your police car.
  • If you want to write the emergency number, you can write with the help of vinyl. 


Police Mode in Car Parking Multiplayer proves to be a very interesting experience for those who love adventure and being a police soldier. You’ll find extra amenities in it and drive accident-free.  You can also get free sirens and lights on your car and park it in the parking area safely. You’ll get immersive fun and joy to catch the criminals, investigate them, and feel like a real police cop.


Can I unlock all police cars for free?

Yes, you can get all police cars unlocked from happy mode and can design your police car by yourself.

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